Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Thursday October 11, 2018 by Avenues Baseball League.

When will registration for Spring 2019 begin?  We'll open spring registration on January 15, 2019.


What divisions/age-ranges are available?  We offer Majors (11-12), Minors (9-10), Machine Pitch (7-8) and T-Ball (5-6) divisions.  Majors and Minors are kid-pitch leagues.  Age ranges are flexible; for example, some 11-year-olds are best off in Minors, while advanced 10-year-olds sometimes play majors.  The age cutoff date is April 30, 2019; if your child is 12 or younger on that date, then s/he is eligible for Avenues Baseball. 


When will the season begin and end?  Our still-tentative schedule is this:  Practices will begin March 16.  Games will begin on Monday, April 1.  Our season will end Saturday, June 1, which is the Saturday before the last day of school.  


What is All-Stars?  After our season, we will be putting together "All-Star" teams to compete in district and state tournaments in the Cal Ripken organization.  This season usually runs from the beginning of June until mid-July.  We will begin discussing All-Star selections with coaches in May. 


What days of the week are games?  Majors plays Monday/Thursday.  Minors plays Tuesday/Friday.  Machine Pitch plays Wednesday/Saturday afternoons.  T-Ball plays Wednesday or Thursday.  


Is today's game rained out?  We communicate about rainouts using e-mail.  Because of the difficulty of rescheduling games, we try to play anytime the fields are safe.  This means we often wait as long as possible before canceling a game.  It is unusual for us to cancel a game prior to 3 pm on the day of the game.  You should assume the game is ON until you hear otherwise.  It is generally not helpful to contact coaches or league officials asking if the game is on.  We are always watching the weather closely and will inform everyone as soon as a decision is made.  


Where is the field?  A list of fields with links to maps is posted here.  


Where does my registration fee go?  Your registration fee is used to cover the direct costs of running our baseball leagues.  The direct cost categories for Avenues Baseball are: field rental, insurance, uniforms, equipment and umpires.


Can you help if the registration fee will be a hardship for my family?  YES!  We want kids to be able to play ball.  Send an e-mail to  


Can I donate money to assist families in need or to help Avenues Baseball improve its facilities?  YES!  Avenues Baseball is a 501(c)3 organization, and your donation may be tax-deductible.  


How do I contact Avenues Baseball?  Please send an e-mail message to